First FogCreek Post

Today I made my first blog post at Fog Creek. It isn't the most interesting post in the world, nor the funniest, but it is mine.

One reason that I am so excited is that in my twelve plus years at TIBCO I never wrote a blog post or really did much to present myself to our customers. Part of this is my fault, but part is because TIBCO is larger and more compartmentalized. So while I don't really blame TIBCO for not providing an easy way to get myself out there, I am very appreciative of Fog Creek for providing an environment where I can be a visible part of the company. In only four months I have been to a recruiting event at a conference and posted on the company blog, and I think I am just getting started.

The other reason I am excited is that the feature we announced was something that I designed and built. With input from the other developers I designed a way for us to manage dynamic events in cases, making it easy for us to integrte with Kiln, as well as with duplicate cases, as the post describes. The new design is hidden from the user, but enables a host of new user features, and I am really excited about that.

So if you want to read something more interesting than this post, head over to and check out case event merging.