Unboxing My Raspberry Pi Cluster

I posted earlier about setting up my first Raspberry Pi. When I bought the Pi I actually bought five so that I could set up a cluster. For those that are interested, I thought I would walk through my hardware setup really quick.

I bought all the parts from MCM Electronics to build a five PI cluster, with a switch for about $330 dollars.

  • 5 - Raspberry Pi with Clear Case
  • 5 - 8GB PNY Class 10 SDHC Card
  • 5 - 5V 1A Switching AC Power Supply - Micro USB
  • 5 - 2' Black Cat5e Ethernet Patch Cable
  • 1 - Port 10/100 Unmanaged Desktop Ethernet Switch

MCM shipped everything out fairly quickly and last weekend I got to open my present.

unboxing the parts

Once I checked everything out..

unboxed parts

I realized that I needed a good power strip to hook things up. So I found a nice one that allowed me to plug in all those adapters at bed bath and beyond (my wife wanted to go there so ...):

the power strip

The final cluster looked like this before i plugged it into the power:

front of the cluster

back of the cluster

The only problem with making these things look nice is that they are so light the network cables actually move them around if you aren't careful. Somehow that makes them more cool to me.

Next post - setting them all up...

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