Update on the Kiln Operations Log

Earlier i wrote a post with an idea for an operations log. We ended up implementing that idea in Kiln. It has been great. For now, we are using a simple Ghost installation, with GhostHunter for searching. I did discover a small issues with the search, in that it uses RSS which only shows the last 25 articles. A quick code change fixed this, and now our search goes back to the begining. Ultimately this will be a problem, but for now we are doing great.

The log has proved invaluable for a number of things. First, we have been using it to document "how-tos" for various production scenarios. Second, we have used it to capture our deployment process. As part of that, we are capturing notes/information for each deployment in the ops log itself. Finally, we are posting anytime we run into a specific scenario that might come up again, thus providing a nice searchable knowledge base.

While our wiki and other tools are useful. I am finding the ease and time-oriented nature of the operations log to be super useful and a great addition to our toolset.

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