Ping Pong Balls

My wife and I went to a dance performance in 2008 at a local college. One piece in the show was about pinball or something like that. It was kind of abstract and to be honest, not that interesting to me. But I remember one thing. At the end of the piece they dropped about 100 ping pong balls on the stage. I imagine that the choreographer hearing me say I remember that would be happy that they made an impression. But the truth is the impression they made was "that's it." I mean really 100 ping pong balls. That's nothing.

Driving home I talked to my wife about it. I started using the word commitment. "The choreographer didn't commit to the ping pong ball thing." They needed to use 5000 ping pong balls. Maybe more. So many ping pong balls that my thought wasn't "that's it" but was "Holy crap I have never seen that many ping pong balls in my life." That is a statement. 100 ping pong balls just says, "I was too cheap to buy more ping pong balls."