Collagist v2.0 is a NEXTSTEP application for combining several files into a single Postscript document. Text, Postscript, EPS, TIFF and other files can be combined into a single file that includes re-defined margins as well as page numbering. I developed Collagist v2.0 under contract for SmartSoft, Inc.

Users of Collagist can:

  • Create collages defining collections of files as links or copies
  • Generate Postscript documents from a binder
  • Preview the final document
  • Print or save the final output
  • Define page numbers using a powerful page numbering inspector that supports numeric, alphabetic and roman numerals and can assign different schemes for each file or to the document as a whole

  • Define the page layout for each document or the entire collage

  • Combine multiple Collagist documents
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