TIBCO FTL Realm Server

I am the lead architect and primary developer on the realm server, currently in version 3.0. TIBCO FTL is a low latency messaging system. FTL relies on a server called the Realm Server to manage configurations.

Administrators edit the realm as a JSON file, or using the Realm Server GUI. The server then subsets the configuration appropriately for each client and vends their configuration as an FTL message. The realm server uses the Java H2 database to store the FTL message format for the realm and a set of files and directories to store a the current configuration JSON and historical data about all configurations that were deployed to clients.

Access to the realm server is provided via a Web API implemented as servlets hosted in an embedded Jetty engine.

In the version 2.1, the realm server also began storing monitoring data from clients and added a public web API for clients to retrieve that data.

tibco java ftl json h2 jni distributed computing jetty