SWORD (Word Processor)

Sword is a word processor and page layout application primarily designed for creating training materials. I wrote Sword (short for Stephens' Word Processor) while working at NeXT to use when creating training materials.


Users of Sword can:

  • Import Postscript documents, creating multiple pages from a single file (this technique was designed for importing training slides into a training manual, 1 or 2 slides per page.)
  • Copy, Paste and Edit text
  • Inspect graphics and alter their attributes, including rotating, resizing and adding a border
  • Print or save the final output
  • Define page numbers using a powerful page numbering inspector that supports numeric, alphabetic and roman numerals
  • Check spelling, find and replace text.

Sword runs on the NEXTSTEP platform.

For Techies

Sword demonstrates an interesting information dialog that uses screen capture techniques to create a non-rectangular window. This window appears to float about the screen.

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